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    Middlesex Malta hosts VALCRI

    Middlesex University and a consortium of European partners are pioneering the future of smart technologies and visual analytics, with the latest project meeting hosted at the Middlesex Malta campus.

    VALCRI project meeting

    Ever imagined computer systems assisting police officers in conducting investigations and connecting the links between different crimes? Project VALCRI is combining ground-breaking research to provide visual-analytics to law enforcement agencies.

    The €13 million project is financed by the European Union and has 18 partners of which Middlesex University is taking a leading role. The Project Coordinator is Professor William Wong from the School of Science & Technology.

    Professor Wong explains: "If there is a burglary, this programme will pull information from similar cases where links are made from various databases. This will help create a pattern and identify any crimes the same culprit could have committed. In addition, take a thief who is selling items over e-bay for example. This programme will help analysts track where the money is going, thus revealing more people within the crime ring and making it easier for analysts to read the relevant information."

    Middlesex University Malta is proud to have hosted the latest project meeting on its own premises, with the visit covered by local press.

    Find out more about VALCRI on the project website.

    The VALCRI Consortium comprises the following partners:

    • Middlesex University, UK
    • Space Applications Services, BE
    • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA
    • University of Konstanz, DE
    • Linkoping University, SE
    • City University London, UK
    • Katholieke Universiiteit Leuven, BE
    • AE Solutions, UK
    • Technische Universitat Graz, AU
    • Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology, DE
    • Technische Universitat Vienna, AU
    • Object Security, UK
    • Unabhängiges Landeszentrum für Datenschutz, DE
    • i-Intelligence, CH
    • Exipple Studio, ES
    • West Midlands Police Force, UK
    • Lokale Politie Antwerpen, BE
    • Federale gerechtelijke politie Antwerpen Noordersingel, BE

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