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    Fees and funding

    Going to university can be a big financial commitment. Here we provide you with information and advice about tuition fees and funding available to study at Middlesex.

    Paying your fees

    The easiest way to pay your fees is by making a bank transfer and notifying our admissions team by email once the transfer has been made. Bank details are provided in your University Guide. Once the University has received the funds, a receipt will be sent to you.

    Other methods of payment available at the campus reception include:

    • Credit or debit card payments
    • Local cheques made payable to: Middlesex University Malta
    • Cash
    • Student Smart Card

    Payment plans

    You can also pay your tuition fees in installments. See the tables below for more information.

    Maltese and other EU students - October start

    Full time - Undergraduate and postgraduate50% September 2020
    50% January 2021
    Part time - Undergraduate and postgraduate25% September 2020                   25% January 2021
    25% September 2021                   25% January 2022

    Flexible monthly payment terms are also available upon request.

    International students - October start

    Undergraduate50% on acceptance of unconditional offer
    50% by January 2021
    Postgraduate50% on acceptance of unconditional offer
    50% by January 2021

    Middlesex Scholarships

    Alumni Scholarship

    This is an award which is given to all graduates of Middlesex University who have achieved a first or second class honours degree. An application to any postgraduate programme at Middlesex University Malta which meets the stated entry requirements will automatically be subject to a 20% discount on the tuition fee.

    Kindly note that the 20% discount is only applicable to the Malta campus, and can't be transferred to any other Middlesex University campus.

    Government scholarships and funding

    All students are entitled for a 70% refund on their tuition fees in the form of tax rebate upon successful completion of their degree. The reimbursement is granted to all students paying tax in Malta post graduation.

    International students who secure full time jobs in Malta post graduation are also entitled to the grant.

    Further information about the scheme can be found here.

    Endeavour Scholarship (Available only for local students): Students applying for full-time postgraduate study can apply for the Endeavour Scholarship. More information about this can be found here.

    TESS Scholarship (Available only for local students): Students applying for part-time postgraduate study can apply for the TESS Scholarship. More info about this can be found here. 

    Refunds & Compensation

    For more info about our refund and compensation policies please click here

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